China and Horologe

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China and Horologe - A recently published book which reveals enormous information regarding influence from the Western clock and watch makers to China. The book has abundant pictures with detailed description on ancient Chinese clocks, Swiss made clocks and pocket watches designed for Chinese market, China made watches, Western clock makers in China, and famous Swiss watch brands in China. It is an informative and nicely organized book.

The book surely has a lot of pictures. Some timepieces in the book are very unique. Again, it is informative and for the price 120RMB ($16USD), it is totally worth it. However, it is not the book which I expected. The book covers a lot of information of Western watch brands. It has a couple of sections writes about JAQUET DROZ, VACHERON CONSTANTIN, PATEK PHILIPPE, LONGINES, OMEGA, CARTIER, ENICAR, and ANTIQUORUM. On the other hand, it only has fewer sections talks about watches manufactured in China and local Chinese watch factories. When I first purchased the book I was hoping it might provide some information about the watch brands which already discontinued in China, like Chengdu, Rongcheng, Chongqi, Cuihu and hundreds other China brands. Sadly, the book only has information on one or two general watch brands such as Shanghai and Sea-Gull, which people can easily find their information available on the internet.

If you want a book has a lot of information regarding the influence from Western watch brands to China; the history and evolution of horologe world wide, “China and Horologe” is the right book for you. If you looking for a book which only focus on China watch brands and the local factories like myself, well, let’s cross our fingers and hoping there will one available in the future.

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Author: Chang Wei, Bai Ying zhe.

Published by Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing Group